Objective Professional Programming Education

Tim Hockin

San Francisco Area

Objective Software engineering opportunities in infrastructure, backend systems, cluster management, operating systems, and related areas.

Professional Experience Principal Software Engineer
Google, Mountain View, CA (June 2004-Present)
  • Technical lead for Kubernetes, an open source container cluster management system, and Google Container Engine (GKE), Google's Kubernetes product.
    • Kubernetes is the dominant container orchestration system in the market, and one of the most active projects on GitHub.
    • Co-founder of the project.
    • Helped grow the team from 4 to over 100 Google engineers, across 3 sites, with thousands of external contributors.
    • Responsible for networking, storage, node, plugins, and other facets of the system.
    • Member of the Kubernetes Steering Committee.
    • One of the top contributors.
    • Presented Kubernetes and Containers at dozens of companies, meetups, and conferences.
    • Contributor to Docker.
    • Advisor on the Open Container project.
    • Advisor on the Container Network Interface project.
    • Advisor on the Container Storage Interface project.
    • Involved in all aspects of tactical and strategic planning of Kubernetes and Google Container Engine.
    • Primarily written in Go.
  • Technical lead for re-invention of Google's internal cluster node agent (part of Borg and Omega).
    • Lead 10 engineers across 2 sites in a major rethink and rewrite of critical software components.
    • 1 patent pending.
    • Instigated open-sourcing Google's container isolation code as LMCTFY.
    • Primarily written in C++ with some Python.
  • TechLead/Manager of Google's internal cluster node agent team (part of Borg).
    • Grew the team from 7 to 22 engineers across 2 sites.
    • Faced significant "legacy code" challenges with a massive, crumbling codebase.
    • Interfaced with many teams across the company to balance priorities and co-design solutions to whole-company problems.
    • Lead a major effort to stabilize system overhead management and accounting.
    • Primarily written in C++.
  • TechLead/Manager of Google's Platform Infrastructure System Software team.
    • Forked from the BIOS team with 6 engineers, grew to 15.
    • Lead total rewrite of the main hardware-aware software used by all of Google's machine-management systems.
    • Worked on or advised dozens of related hardware and datacenter projects.
    • Primarily written in C and C++.
  • Engineer then TechLead/Manager of Google's BIOS and Board Bringup team.
    • Grew the team from 1.5 to 13 engineers.
    • Developed and maintained custom BIOS and EFI firmware for all of Google's server machines.
    • Deployed 7 full platforms and many addon boards and updates.
    • Primarily written in assembly and C.
Staff Engineer, Linux Sofware Engineering
Sun Microsystems, Menlo Park, CA (Dec. 2000-May 2004)
  • Technical lead for Sun project to enhance autofs on Linux (dubbed AutofsNG).
  • Author and maintainer of the Linux ACPI daemon (acpid), which is shipped in most Linux distributions.
  • Consulted with groups across Sun on Linux kernel and low-level issues, including writing drivers and porting apps.
  • Maintainer of Linux's driver for National Semiconductor dp8381x ethernet controller.
  • In charge of cleaning and pushing Linux kernel patches back to the community.
  • Maintainer of Linux kernel for Sun Linux and Cobalt products.
  • Worked with key customers on Linux kernel and low-level issues.
  • Developed tools/methods for enhanced use of SunRay clients with smart cards.
  • Developed SunRay/Linux loopback audio driver.
  • Helped establish the first BitKeeper installation at Sun.
  • Lead architect for Cobalt's CCE product (part of the Sausalito architecture).
  • Developed internal software development processes.
  • Wrote several specifications for portions of the Cobalt software stack.
Systems Software Engineer
Cobalt Networks, Mountain View, CA (May 1999-Dec. 2000)
  • Ported Cobalt Linux kernel work to Linux 2.4.
  • Co-architected and implemented Cobalt's backend architecture "Sausalito" (responsible for the Cobalt Configuration Engine). The Sausalito architecture was eventually open-sourced, and is the basis for several projects.
  • Modified, debugged, and enhanced Linux kernel for various needs: network drivers, TCP stack, various device drivers, PCI subsystem.
  • Implemented Sausalito Internationalization (i18n) library.
  • Wrote Sausalito-based Active Monitor application and UI.
  • Wrote large portions of the Sausalito Developers Guide (SDK).
  • Co-developed and maintained firmware (BIOS) for RaQ3, RaQ4, Qube3, RaQ XTR, and RaQ550 products (x86).
  • Developed tools to help developers flash BIOS and use newer kernels on Cobalt x86 hardware
  • Developed PCI BIOS subsystem for x86 firmware.
  • Debugged and helped diagnose board-level problems.
  • Responsible for partial schematic reviews for new boards.
  • Maintained CVS servers for internal and external access.
  • Maintained and debugged Mips/x86 kernels and libraries.
  • Cobalt acquired by Sun Microsystems.

Programming Experience
  • Programming Languages:
    • Fluent: Go (aka golang), C++, C, sh/bash
    • Conversant: Python, Awk
    • Familiar with, but stale: x86 assembly, Java, Lex, Yacc, Perl, PHP, TCL
  • Operating Systems: Linux (since 1994)
  • Open Source Contributions: Kubernetes, Docker, Linux kernel, various Go libraries, GMPI, Cistron RADIUSD, Samba, shadow suite, RPM, GLibc, PThreads, GLib, GNOME, PPPd, FreeS/WAN, ethtool, acpid, mcedaemon, SWIG, flam3, prettyprint (hwpp), and more.
  • Once-frequent contributor to the Linux kernel in various areas.
  • Leader of the Generalized Music Plugin Interface (GMPI) working group (an MMA sanctioned group designing an open-standard audio plugin API), now defunct. Many of our ideas were incorporated into Steinberg's VST3 standard.
  • Helped in the initial conversion of the shadow suite for use on Red Hat Linux 4.2 (ca. 1995).

Education Illinois State University, Normal, IL
  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, May 1999
  • Cumulative GPA 3.5/4.0
  • CS Department GPA 3.95/4.0
  • President and founding member of ISUnix (UNIX users group)
  • University Honors program
  • Honors Student Organization
  • Golden Key National Honor Society
  • Fine art minor

Tim Hockin, San Francisco Area

Objective Professional Programming Education